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  • Red Riser

    Our delicious carne adovada with eggs, home fries, cheese, and red chile sauce

  • Vamos Verde

    Our signature shredded beef with eggs, home fries, cheese, and green chile sauce


  • Cubano B

    Mojo pork doused with spicy mustard and topped with sliced ham, swiss cheese and pickles. A delightful twist on a delectable classic!

  • Carne Crush

    Carne adovada with home fries, red chile sauce, and cheese. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Chingon

    Shredded beef, home fries, green chile sauce, and cheese. Aptly named if you’re a true Burqueño.

  • Chop Shop

    Succulent shredded beef topped with our chop guac!

A La Carte

  • Red Chile Sauce

    Rich and earthly with a spicy finish. Made with New Mexican red chiles.

  • Green Chile Sauce

    A vibrant and spicy sauce with a strong roasty flavor. Made with New Mexican green chiles.

  • Burqueso

    Home-made beer cheese sauced mixed with chopped New Mexican green chile.

  • Chop Guac

    Avocado, cucumber, green bell pepper, and tomato mixed with a fresh lemon vinaigrette. Our take on a light, refreshing guacamole.

  • Home Fries

    Oven roasted taters so good you’ll never want french fries again!

  • Sopaipilla

    Literally translates to a fried pillow. Need we say more?


  • Churro Sopa

    Our beautiful sopas coated in cinnamon sugar.

  • New Mexican Beignet

    Sopas covered in powdered sugar. Simple, but yummy.

  • Sopa with Honey

    Served the traditional New Mexican way. A sopaipilla with a side of honey.

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